So close. And so far.

The best bits of beauty is the kind that happens when you least expect it;  that leaps out of the corner of your eye and overwhelms you with colourful, meaningful surprise. Macassar is Cape Town's township nobody knows about, still hidden in plain sight, apartheid-style, behind a national road, a sand mine and bomb factory. So close. And so far.



Yet Macassar has always been the place where the dreamers and visionaries live.


In 1692 beauty won the day when an activist-king from Indonesia, Shekh Yusuf, was banished here, only to assemble a ragamuffin community of runaway slaves and free thinkers around him. 

Today, our pottery studio, a self-sustaining social enterprise founded in 2010, is a safe space for the community, youths in particular, to discover and follow their dreams. The business is co-owned by its employees.



We upskill and employ locals, helping them to tell their own stories through our unique ceramic ware. 


Our business is also the focal point of community story-telling and healing processes that are helping to unravel the enduring pain of apartheid. With every vessel we make, the DNA of our own beauty is breaking through. Because the best things are found in the most unlikely places.