Our Products

Our pottery studio, a self-sustaining social enterprise founded in 2010, is a safe space for the community, youths in particular, to discover and follow their dreams. The business is co-owned by its employees.


Musical instruments

The UDU drum is a unique African contribution to world music, originally crafted by the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. It has holes on top and on the side, that create a deep, thumping sound when slapped with the palm of a hand. 

Besides the traditional UDU shape, we also create small, flat-topped clay drums.

The African Ocarina is a unique clay flute, developed in Macassar. We have replaced holes for the fingers with a single, large hole. By opening or closing the hole, while blowing through the mouthpiece, musicians young or experienced can make a melody. 

This is particularly helpful to help kids develop their motor skills and their musical ear.


For the love of coffee

Our locally designed coffee dripper earned praise from former SA National Barista Championship Judge Nigel Branken:

Pair our dripper with a hand-thrown cup, and #mixyourfix right at your desk.

Purchase locally or in the States from Sparrow Society, or order directly from the studio.


Dinner ware

Need something fresh for a simple lunch outdoors, or a large platter to entertain? 

Try our lunch set of a large bread plate with four matching side plates - the perfect size for a lunch break with the kids.

Or pair the sideplates with a large salad platter, with matching napkin and table cloth holders.

We also design and create bespoke dinnerware on request - as we have recently done for the Rockwell Hotel Dinner Theatre in Cape Town.

Corporate gift options

The story of clay is a great addition to any brand. It speaks of authentic timelessness, and the beauty of the ordinary. 

Contact us to help you design the perfect clay addition for your year-end function or conference.

Why not attach your logo imprinted in a clay seal to leather conference packs? 


Other existing options include branded coffee drippers, small finger bowls, plates, finger drums or flutes, handmade coffee mugs or tea cups and wine glass decorations.

Tourist / team building experiences

Immerse yourself in our philosophy of finding beauty in unexpected and unlikely places by joining the Township Clay Experience.

Pop in to listen to local ghoema beats on the udu, or join the full 3-hour experience. We will take you on a journey to discover the 300-year old roots of our community; you will work with clay, paint a flute to take home and learn to play our instruments. And you will leave inspired to make your world a beautiful place to live in. 

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